Chuck Berry – Rock is my child and my grandfather.

ORG XMIT: NYT9 (NYT9) ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Feb. 22, 2003 -- CHUCK-BERRY -- Still lean and handsome at 76 and probably the most influential rock musician ever, at least this side of Elvis, Chuck Berry remains as suspicious, defiant and guarded offstage as he is mesmerizing on. In a life overshadowed by three prison terms, his own inner demons and the humiliations of racism, he now carefully avoids any public hint of the anger and resentment that seem to lurk just beneath the surface. Berry backstage at Blueberry Hill,a music club and bar on St. Louis' west side, Feb. 5, 2003. (Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times)

My dad was the cause of me being in show business. He was not only in poetry but in acting a bit. He was Mordecai in the play ‘A Dream of Queen Esther.’

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